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TeleDenta GmbH

Dr. Issam El Naib

Hainstr. 108

09130 Chemnitz



General Manager: Dr. Issam El Naib


Tel: +49 371 4330209

Fax: +49 371 43318363


Company Information:

VAT ID Number: 215 / 121 / 05863

HRB 22759

District Court: Chemnitz, Germany


Responsible contact person: Dr. Issam El Naib

Execution: Münzner




Any content, regardless if text, graphics, animations etc. is copyrighted by the author. You are allowed to download material from this websize for personal use. You are not allowed to use conent of this website or parts of this website on other Websites (no matter if commercial or private) without written permisson by TeleDenta GmbH.





TeleDenta GmbH does not accept any responsibility or liability for the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of the contents of its website. Dr. Aladin Sabbagh does not have any influence on websites beyond our domain, neither on layout nor content and therefore TeleDenta GmbH does not take any responsibility for any site that is linked on our website.



Privacy Notice:This website provides the possibility to enter personal or business information.


  • All personal data collected from the customer are handled confidentially.

  • We will neither hand out or sell any data entered on our website to third parties.

  • Personal data will be stored and processed in line with prevailing German regulations for data protection

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