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 AquaSplint  & mini

A novel procedure for simple diagnosis and effective therapy of the TMJ/TMD

Temporomandibular joint screening prior to occlusal rehabilitation is indispensable for preventive, therapeutic, and forensic reasons.

The AquaSplint concept is developed on the base of the manual therapy to improve and simplify the diagnostic and treatment of TMD.

Craniomandibular disorders (TMD) result from an interplay of multiple factors:

  • Malocclusion,

  • Hyperactivity of masticatory muscles (bruxism/pressing)

  • Psychosomatic disorders, stress syndrome

  • Joint hyper-mobility

  • Trauma

  • Neck disorders / cervical spine syndrome

  • Internal diseases

AquaSplint “classic” :

The AquaSplint “classic” is a self-adjusting, individualizable pre-fabricated TMD

splint, which can be inserted immediately without preparations, impressions, or registrations.

The device consists of two water pads connected by a tube (hydrostatic aqua-balance).

AquaSplint “Mini”: 

AquaSplint “Mini” is a simplified version of the AquaSplint “classic” with low height as the saddle and silicon relining material are not needed, there for it’s particularly indicated for TMD Patients with open bite.

A malocclusion-related TMD will usually respond due to AquaSplint therapy within four weeks. Pain relief of at least 50 per cent is a favourable precondition and indicator of promising orthodontic / prosthetic rehabilitation.


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