AquaSplint classic


The AquaSplint “classic” is a self-adjusting, individualizable pre-fabricated TMD splint which can be inserted immediately without preparations, impressions, or registrations. The device consists of two water pads connected by a tube (hydrostatic aquabalance). The water pads are provided with an acrylic saddle which can be relined with a special long-term  soft silicone. Such individualization enables immediate optimum stability and comfort and - unlike conventional hard bite splints ­-   offers the following advantages:


  • immediate help/relief without laboratory procedures or preparations;

  • universal and insertable in the patient’s mouth within a few minutes, also for children and adolescents;

  • self-adjusting, no grinding or frequent recall appointments required (thanks to the hydrostatic balance between the two water pads)

  • replaces the relaxation and distraction splint (no increased compression within the joint in contrast to splints with frontal bite piece/plan)

  • high accuracy and comfort of fit through individual relining

  • no more than 10 hours of daily wearing (8 hours by night, 2 hours by day)

  • excellent clinical results and patient satisfaction owing to rapid pain reduction, comfort, and advantageous positioning in the mandible (higher stability and less visibility compared to a maxillary splint)


In comparison to similar aqua pads the AquaSplint offers the following advantages:


  • increased muscle relaxation: while conventional products must be held in position by permanent mouth closure or muscular activity which may interfere with sufficient muscle relaxation, the immanent stabilityof the AquaSplints (relining) and the favourable positioning in the mandible enable improved muscle relaxation.

  • the self-adjusting individualizable TMD bite splint applicable even during orthodontic treatment " Invisalign or Brackets   ” (“prior blocking out of brackets with protection wax“  (Fig.3, 3a)

  • longer life time (4-6 weeks) with hardly any loss of fluid

  • devoid of sharp edges


1) The saddle width can be adjusted when necessary through expansion, compression or cutting a part,  to make it applicable to any tooth shape, crown/bridge, but also brackets and bands. (Figure 1).

2) Afterwards, the bonding is applied to the inner surfaces of both saddles (Figure 2).


3) the specially fabricated long-term resilient (soft) relining silicone is briskly sprayed onto the inner surfaces of both saddles with high pressure. Use of a dispenser is recommended due to the shore hardness 60 and in order to make work easier (Figure 3).

4) Subsequently, the Aqua Splint is inserted in the lower jaw (saddle on 35/36 or 45/46). A reverse “V“ marks the middle of the tube and facilitates accurate positioning between 31,41. Strong contact between the tube and the gingiva should be avoided. (Figure 4).


5) Excess silicone can be removed after 3-4 minutes (Figure 5)

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