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AquaSplint Recommendation

The AquaSplint allow the lower jaw and especially the condyles to reposition naturally with a minimal invasive approach and in a short time.


Especially in TMD cases with pain and limitations, i appreciate the possibility to help the patients immediately without lab work, impressions and registration, as well as the good retention, the universal size and the accurate fitting.


Integrating the AquaSplint in the daily TMD-treatment is a huge benefit for every clinic.


Dr.  Annett Heppner

Potsdam, Germany




The Aqua-Balance-Concept, effectively relax the mussels, allow them to restore the functional balance resulting TMJ relief, and improved function and occlusion.


This simplified enormously the TMD – Management, especially the possibility of immediate applying and relining, without frequent grinding and contouring enable fast relief and lead to doctor as well as patient satisfaction.  


Dr. Mauricio Conzalez Balut





The self-adjusting AquaSplint is an indispensable part of the concept of occlusal rehabilitation in my clinic, a pain free and balanced TMJ lead to a correct functional occlusion, which is essential for a successful treatment and stable results, in all prosthetic, orthodontic, and surgical rehabilitation cases.


Not just therapeutically but also for prophylactic and forensic reasons, I recommend to follow this concept. 


Prof. Dr. Nizar Watted




The AquaSplint impresses with the simplicity of its application and the incredibly  positive treatment effect. I use AquaSplint daily and receive a lot of positive feedback from the patients. It is an extremely sophisticated splint that is quick and easy to use from acute complaints of  the temporomandibular joint  to complex chronic dysfunction. I can warmly recommend the AquaSplint for everyone.

Dr. Michaela Stampfl
Bozen, Italy

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